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About Jimmy the Robot

Accessible, Open Source, 3D Printed and Pretty Adorable


Just a few years ago, the idea of an advanced humanoid robot was out of the question. But the stuff of science fiction is fast becoming science fact. 21st Century Robot is advancing the capabilities and functionality of robots—with your help.


Jimmy, the first of the 21st Century Robots, is a decidedly cute bipedal robot. But there's more to Jimmy than just looks. He's highly intelligent and ready to learn. Everything about Jimmy is open source and fully customizable. His skeleton, featuring 5052 airplane aluminum brackets, can be reconfigured, and how he looks on the outside is entirely up to you. Design a custom body and see your own unique robot come to life with amazing 3D printing technology.


Powered by Intel's Edison chip, Jimmy runs on a Linux open source C++ framework. His lower-level programming is complete. Gait, balance, and walking features have been fine-tuned and are ready to run, out of the box, allowing higher-level programmers to focus on creating new and exciting social interaction programs. Not a programmer? Don't worry. Our worldwide community is busy creating free and open source apps that let anyone get into the robotics game. Just like the apps on your smartphone, apps for Jimmy make it easy to string together complex commands and movements.


These are exciting times in the world of robotics. Jimmy's advanced architecture is a major step on the path toward truly intelligent humanoid companion robots. The stuff of science fiction. The stuff of dreams. Won't you come along and help us write the future?

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