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Robot App Store

Apps Not A.I.


What if programming a robot was as simple as downloading an app?


For over a decade now, people have been using apps to personalize their smartphones. The beauty and elegance of apps is that they allow users to customize their phones, plugging in the functionality and features they desire. No two phones are the same.

The 21st Century Robot Project wants to bring apps into the world of robotics. We're building a library where people can download a wide variety of apps to personalize their robot. Advanced users will be able to develop and post their own apps, sharing their creativity and expanding the universe of robots.


Not so long ago, the personal computer was a crazy idea. The 21st Century Robot Project takes inspiration from the PC revolution, aiming for a world where anyone can imagine, design, build and program their own robot: a robot as unique as the person who created it. But we don’t think a robot should cost $25,000, or that a user should need a PhD in order to program it!

Robot App Store
Download Apps!
Store coming soon.

Here’s a little thought exercise...

  • What would you like your robot to do?

  • What sort of fun or useful apps can you imagine for your robot?

  • How would you make the future of robots awesome?

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